wax seal making kit

As Hagrid aims his umbrella at Dudley while he eats Harry’s birthday cake, in the side shot one end of the blue string (that was tied around the cake box) hangs down the side of the table, but when Vernon rushes Petunia and Dudley off, in this shot that end of the string lies on top of the table. At the snake exhibit, while Harry speaks with the Python the snake’s body lies curled over a long wood log and a large rock. In the shot from outside the Python’s exhibit, after the glass pane disappears Dudley falls over the rail and the snake is gone, not positioned differently, but altogether gone! In the next overhead shot inside the Python’s exhibit, while Dudley falls the snake is back lying on the log and rock, in the same position as in the previous shots. This also occurs in the two shots when Harry plays with the small plastic figures inside the cupboard. When Hagrid steps off the motorbike while holding young Harry, the Dursley’s house (with a small bush to the right of the front door) is visible directly behind McGonagall. Take the wax pellets in the spoon, and hold it over a small flame to melt it.

The wax seals differ in both shots as well. It is not visible in other shots. It’s gone in the following shots. In the shots facing Vernon, he holds the first Hogwarts letter while sitting at the table. This Hogwarts Castle ice mold set from Williams Sonoma is bound to upgrade any cocktail they drink! Take a plastic bag, fill it with ice and some water, and place it on a plate or bowl. Pour enough wax on the place, then take the wax stamp, wipe it and press on the wax straight. We can also supply high-quality sealing wax for you to create your own seals, or a set of ready-to-use, wax seal kit self-adhesive seals with your stamp. Impression on the stamp can be chosen based on the occasion and the type of gift prepared. That’s why we just knew we had to bring you this ultimate Harry Potter gift guide.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas pajamas, consider buying them this Harry Potter Gryffindor House-inspired set. Are the perfect size to throw in their stocking. We are market leaders for Custom Wax Seals, Wax Stamp, Custom Wax Envelope Seal, and Wax Seal Kits in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. All you need is a wax stamp with the impression of one’s choice and sealing wax. All they need to do is stick them, to get the royal feel on the gift. From our London studio, all our stamps are hand-crafted, with a wood-turned Beech handle and traditional engraved solid brass head , and come beautifully presented in a luxury Little Blue Brush gift box, and hessian bag to store your wax stamp in. It includes everything they’ll need for their first year at Hogwarts: a personalized acceptance letter, an envelope with a wax seal, and a list of required school supplies.

In the next close-up of the letter, the cereal bowl is back and the juice is now on Vernon’s right, near the coffee cup. In the Dursley’s kitchen, as Harry walks by, on the table is Vernon’s cereal bowl between the coffee pot on his right and orange juice on his left, plus the tea pot is in the centre of the table. When Harry walks into Ollivanders, in the overhead shot of the shop the table is angled directly in front of the ladder. Also, the pavement at the threshold extends far beyond the doorway and just before Vernon walks into the house, Vernon is visibly coming from the side of the doorway. Yet after Vernon asks, “Who’d be writing to you?” in the shot of the owl dropping the letter which flies through the front door mail slot, the house to the left of the Dursleys’ (when facing the front) has a two car garage, is not attached to the Dursley’s house and is quite a bit away from the Dursleys’ house as well. In the close-up as Vernon says, “Yours? Who’d be writing to you?” the cereal bowl is missing and the tea pot is near his juice.