wax envelope seal kit

For instructions on creating the perfect wax seal, please visit here. All you need to do is carefully melt your wax and allow it to drip on to the area that you would like to seal, attach your chosen seal to the wooden handle and stamp it into the wax. You will require a wax stamp that has the impression of anything that you like. Will do whatever it takes to make you happy. 1 x Stick of red traditional sealing wax (should make approx 6-8 seals. This kit contains a Florentine brass seal with a Rose design, and one red coloured sealing wax stick created to withstand the rigours of the modern postal system. Custom Printed Return Address Envelopes for size 10 business envelopes for stationary or business use envelopes using your logo andor name., Modern Calligraphy Hand Lettering 5×7 DITIGIAL FILE Printable Save the Date Watercolor Flower Wreath, Printable Wedding Programs DIY Wedding Program Ideas Template Editable Printable Wedding Program DIY Printable Wedding Programs Templates, Stampin Up Homemade Greeting Card Cat With Sympathy Card Petal Patch Stripe 4047, 12 Step Recovery Clean Years Gift Token 3-D LaserCut Sobriety Anniversary Card NA Narcotics Anonymous Any years, Set of 5 box prints box for photos and usb Wood wedding photo box for 4×6 10x15cm. Flag-EM62708 Diary Stamp Korean Rubber Stamp Deco Stamp 1 Piece Lace Stamp.

Christmas Service Seal your invitations and thank you notes with love using this wax seal stamp kit. The metal spoon is wear resistant and heat resistant, which can help you melt the wax well and drop it exactly where you need; Removable metal head on stamp is easy to change and install. The kit includes a bottle of wax, a metal spoon, a wooden handle seal and two white waxes. You will receive two different shades of wax, one wooden handle and two interchangeable seal designs. They will love this special. Little Man Photo Card Baby Blessing Christening, box of 8 Birthday Snake card, Party Tote Kraft Tote Special Occasion Gift Bag with Ribbon Balloon and Removable Gift Tag Confetti Buttons, Christmas Trees Clear Tree Stamp and Die Set by Hampton Art SC0739 NEW! 2022 Birthday Baby Shower Bridal Invitations. POSTCARDS SET OF 5 4×6 Postcards Celestial Series, romantic bedroom Flemish animal baby nursery decor pink stars origami customizable birthstone personalized present, 50 Pieces – Amelia Design Main Invite and Envelopes Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite.

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