Tips for your Data Governance Kick-off meeting

Your program kick-off meeting will set the tone for the next 6-12 months, so you want it to be just right. As such, be very planned and methodical in what you do and don’t decide to talk about.

Do start by talking about Data Governance from a high level. Get everyone ‘level-set’… remember, your stewards and other attendees haven’t been eating, breathing, and dreaming DG for the last few months/years. Give everyone a good foundation in what Data Governance is.

Don’t ask questions of anyone who hasn’t already been prepped in advance. You don’t want any surprises at this meeting, make it as scripted as possible without coming off that way.

Do explain the value of Data Governance for your organization. Will it make money, reduce cost, or mitigate risk? It better be one (or two, or three) of those.

Don’t bring to many IT people into the room. You don’t want this to get too techie.

Do survey and meet with the attendees in advance. This may be tedious, but it will get the tough questions answered, without everyone having to hear them.

Do (okay, I ran out of don’ts) learn from your pre-meetings and incorporate those questions you get into the presentation.

Do use powerpoint and provide the audience with copies afterwards. You don’t want them to read ahead.

Do set up a meeting room and encourage people to attend in person.