The Proverbial Elevator Speech

There will come a time when you’ll step into the elevator with a VP, CIO, CEO, or some other executive and they’ll inevitable say, “So how is everything going?” While you can always tell them about your son’s tee-ball practice or daughter’s ballet recital, wouldn’t it be better if you immediately could say, “We’re working on the principle loan amount with the Data Governance Council to ensure that it is being calculated consistently across all systems. When we’re done, we can be absolutely sure this field is correct”.

Its extremely important that you have a couple of good ten second elevator speeches ready for cases just like this. You’ll want Data Governance elevator speeches such as:

  • a high-level explanation of what Data Governance is
  • the current up-to-the-minute status of the program
  • a convincing speech that highlights a particular need you might have, etc.

Having these down on paper reinforces them in your mind, so that you are ready at a moments notice.

This has saved my butt on more than one occasion. I hope this little tid-bit helps you, too!