Getting started

When starting a new initiative as large as Data Governance, it often helps to show its benefits. The problem with this is that when you are first starting, the benefits you are touting are merely theoretical to those you are trying to sell because nothing has actually happened yet. When my data governance program was started we never mentioned the buzz word ‘data governance’… we actually didn’t really use buzz words or try to categorize it. For us, the key was to just start a project that was fixing a major business problem. The process we developed for solving these problems became the Data Governance program.

What this allowed us to do, when we wanted to start data governance, was to then say, “We are just doing exactly what we did with Project X” to the rest of the enterprise problems. Because Project X was a success, the buy-in was easily obtained.

If you aren’t in a position where you can do this, I’ve brainstormed a few things I would do to help get buy-in early:

  • Show a case study or two within a similar business. Make it clear, powerful, and quick-hitting.
  • Find an allie in the business who also believes in what data governance can do. Enlist their help in getting buyin.
  • Partner with a key business participant, promising that one of their key issues will be first on the docket for data governance review.

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