New Data Governance Article Touts its Failures

Earth Times has just published an articled titled, “New Findings Reveal that Data Governance Projects are Highly Prone to Delays and Failure” that discusses, as the title indicates, that there are problems with Data Governance Projects.

The study was done by Exeros and First Market Research. The foundation for the article is that company systems are so scattered about that they don’t even know where their data is. It also states a lack of capable workers and the issue that it just takes too many man hours to do this. It states that, “two-thirds of IT executives have delayed or abandoned data governance initiatives”. Thats pretty sad.

Yes, Data Governance can be huge. But that doesn’t mean an effective plan for implementation is impossible. Starting with the worst case scenario, as they state, ” companies no longer know where their data is located”, your first step of the plan would be to develop your data model. There is no sense in talking Data Governance if your starting point is ‘finding your data’. How can you govern data you don’t know exists, or you can’t find? Yes, your Data Governance plan is doomed for failure if that is your starting position. And, I might add, you have worse problems than a failing data governance project if you don’t know where your data is.

So, step one, data model. Step two, clean up data architecture. Step 3, meta data. Step 4, Data Governance. If you don’t have your ducks in a row… sure, you’ll fail. But you’re smart, you don’t need an article and large study to tell you that.