More on the Data Governance Conference

Here is the agenda from the conference I was telling you about… data governance conference

Some of the standout features in my mind were Michele Koch from Sallie Mae, Bonnie O’Neil from Project Performance, and Chris Bradley with Donna Burbank from IPL and Embarcadero (respectively).

Sea Lions at Pier 39

Michele talked about her experience in starting the Data Governance Program at Sallie Mae. It was interesting to hear her talk about how the she got involved because some execs wants to fix a few data elements. She figured that was a good prototype to start DG, and once everyone liked the progress they were making, she introduced it as DG and proposed it be an ongoing program. Needless to say, they jumped at the chance because of how successful the prototype was.

Bonnie O’Neil spoke a few times, but the one that I liked most was about integrating web 2.0 into a successful Data Governance program. I must say, this session was unfortunately under-attended – those that didn’t attend really missed out on the value of this. I’m a huge follower and believe in Web 2.0. If you don’t know what that is, it is a set of internet based social ‘tools’ and sites that make sharing and community easier. The tools would include blogs, wikis, and portals.

Think of a Wiki as a book that anyone can edit. If you use Wikipedia, but haven’t followed what its all about, you may be interested to know that ANYONE can edit ANYTHING on wikipedia (just look for the edit button on the bottom). I think wiki’s are a valuable tool for any project or program, and you should really investigate how they might work for your program.

Blogs and portals are another very important tool that you should really consider using. Think about being the first person to start using a new technology at your organization that is soooo good, that every other project begins to do it…. you want to be that guy or girl.

Chris Bradley spoke with Donna about his success with gas giant BP in building the Data Governance Program. BP is a huge company, so they have more like a 10 year plan than a 1-2 year plan, but he’s growing the program by leaps and bounds. He uses Embarcadero’s E/R Studio and was showing some of the cool things that his team has done with it, including linking a wiki to the meta-data so that the business can update the meta-data themselves (how cool is that?).

Here are a few pics from the trip….

The Rock

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge