Lay Out Roles and Responsibilities Up Front

Its much easier for everyone if they all know where they stand from the beginning. The Data Governance Institute has a pretty good framework that shows how DG fits into an organization. But on a smaller level, where do the people in the Data Governance organization (stewards, SME’s, etc) fit in?

When you are working on your documentation to start your program, it is important that you clearly define everyone’s role — even your own. Who is responsible for researching items at the meetings? The Stewards show know they are responsible for following up on items that fall into their business area. Whether they know it or not, they likely have access to the people with the answers. Likewise, they should know that your responsibility as head of the DG Program is to facilitate and not have a heavy opinion either way – you are there to help make things happen, whatever the business decides.

In Business, people like a hierarchy and don’t like to abstract or unclear structures. Have a clear structure so that everyone knows that they are supposed to be doing.

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