Getting Executive Buy-in (and keeping it)

This can be a tough one, and there is no one guaranteed way to succeed at this, but there are a number of techniques you can use that will help.

Getting Executive Buy-in

  1. Get a quick win
  2. Fix a Pain point
  3. Demonstrate the value using metrics (ie. if this field were 88% accurate instead of 87% accurate, when used in a marketing campaign we could expect a return $315,000 more in sales)

  4. Explain that it is a new industry expectation that is here to stay
  5. Show the sheer amount of data and systems out there, and explain that no one group is ensuring the accuracy (even of the most important data)

Keeping Executive Buy-in

  1. Stay visible via a newsletter and/or updates
  2. Have good metrics that demonstrate the value of Data Governance (work with the stewardship council to identify metrics)
  3. Have your elevator speeches prepared
  4. Speak at as many of the update and all-hands meetings as you can

Post any ideas that you may have in the comments below!

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