Don’t be an IT Project

I’ve noticed that Data Governance is being run out of the IT department of many companies. I’m okay with that for sure, but my word of caution is to not fall into the trap of being an “IT Project”. You can consider the project a business project, a cross functional project, a collaboration between business and IT… whatever is standard for your organization for this type of initiative – just don’t be lumped in with the “IT Projects”.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that designation, its just not right for Data Governance. Data Governance needs to be based on the premise that the business knows its data and the problems, and IT is helping facilitate by bringing these issues to the table to get them fixed. Being designated as an IT Project doesn’t help promote that cause. In people’s minds, when they hear IT Project they actually hear “Database fix, code change, system upgrade”. When they hear Business Project they think “increased income, reduce cost effort, new business, etc”.

Which of those would you rather Data Governance be associated with? The latter is given more credibility with the business, the ultimate ‘end user’ for Data Governance and Business Project Management.

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