Does anyone have experience developing a data governance strategy?

In my post ‘8 Reasons why Data Governance fails‘, Carol S asked, “Does anyone have experience in developing a data governance strategy?”. I haven’t talked with her about this yet, but I’d like to recommend the following high-level path to launching Data Governance in an organization. This is very high level (read: quick & dirty), so you’ll need to take time and break these steps down into discrete tasks.

1. Start a Data Initiative to fix a few specific problems
Before the words ‘data governance’ are ever uttered, start an initiative to fix a few problems that span the enterprise. Make sure these are problems that bother people so that you’ll get buy-in. As part of this initiative, build a business team that will work on the problems (they’ll later become your Data Stewardship Council).

2. Define the scope of a Data Governance program
You should determine what needs to be governed. Is it Enterprise Data, Master data, or the Data Warehouse?

3. Introduce Data Governance
Make sure that #1 above is a wild success. Then tell everyone, “Lets keep this momentum going. Lets tackle some of the other problems that are bothering everyone”.

4. Form your Data Governance Stewardship Council
It’ll likely be the same people who helped you in your first data initiative. Make sure that every business area affected by your scope is involved.

5. Identify a Chief Data Steward
Read my post “Building your Stewardship Council” and “More on Identifying the Lead Steward” for more information on this.

6. Develop a strategy to work your scope
Remember, this is a program, not a project. You need a plan that is ongoing and factors in Data Quality.

7. Kick-off with the Business and IT
Here are some tips for kicking off your meeting.

8. Work the strategy.
Read this blog for ongoing tips :)

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