Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information

I attended an all day session by Danette McGilvray titled “Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information” at the IAIDQ Conference. The session provided a really nice framework that you can follow, step-by-step, to implement a strong Data Quality Program in your organization. Danette is the President and Principal of Granite Falls Consulting, Inc. a firm “specializing in data quality management to support key business processes around customer satisfaction, decision support, supply chain management, and operational excellence.” Throughout the presentation it became very obvious that Danette has “been there and done that” many times over. Her examples of successes and failures on projects she has worked on throughout her career really helped crystallize why her ten steps are effective.

Rather than detail Danette’s whole presentation, I’ll provide for you here the 10 steps which are pretty self-explanatory and then recommend that you consult with Danette if you need further help in implementing your program. If you have specific questions, just shoot an email my way and I’d be glad to help you out.

1. Define Business Need and Approach
2. Analyze Information Environment
3. Assess Data Quality
4. Assess Business Impact
5. Identify Root Causes
6. Develop Improvement Plans
7. Prevent Future Data Errors
8. Correct Current Data Errors
9. Implement Controls
10. Communicate Actions and Results (this is done throughout steps 1-9)

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