Data Governance Talent

Can you imagine what the world would be like without information technology, data and research? Centuries ago, people had to just rely on each other without knowing how to manage the information that they have been exposed to. If we fast forward it to today’s generation, almost every single business in the organization have been dependent on data for their companies to thrive. Whether it’s something as a simple database for recordkeeping to something as advanced as a computerized system to help them generate millions in revenue, we all understand that managing accurate and complete data is of the essence. Keeping this consistent is the focal point of data governance.

While data and information is now easily available to us, data governance is something that still needs to be managed by someone who really understands the business. Implementing the best talent acquisition strategies goes beyond just the simple knowledge of certain computer programs or a Black Belt in Six Sigma. The person you will hire will not necessarily own the data, but he should be equipped enough to interpret the information and translate it into simple terms for the benefit of every employee in the organization. At the end of the day, no matter how dependent we are on computer based and automated tools and systems, someone still needs to be accountable to look after the efficiency and management of data assets, something that can only be executed by a professional analyst with a good understanding of the company’s policies and procedures.

How do you choose the right person for the data governance job? Evidently, he or she needs to have previous experience in doing the same type of work. Moreover, you want this person to be able to not only provide meaning to the data, but also be able to make effective and realistic recommendations to improve processes, and reap business results in the long run!

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