Data Governance Software

Data Governance is all about understanding and controlling and organization’s data. It ensures that the data stored within a system is accurate so that credibility, trust and transparency are valued.  In order to achieve this, most companies employ software developers to either build something internally or they purchase off-the-shelf Data Governance Software.  While most organizations agree that this is a smart thing to do, there are some who thinks that doing so involves great risks. One of the risks of using bother custom and COTS software is the possibility that it is not well-adept in the way the system works within the enterprise.  For the custom software, the developers may know how to create the software, but they likely do not have enough deep understanding and knowledge as to how the software should workl with the different departments.  For COTS software, since it is developed to work in many situations and organizations, it may not be tailored enough to fit the specific needs of an organization.

To avoid this situation, many large companies now embed a set of IT personnel and software developers within their Data Governance team as dedicate resources. Their main duty is to ensure that they have a list of qualified individuals to develop new software that can monitor Data Governance and Quality. By having this dedicated team, they understand the program itself better and get exposure to the enterprise – all while better understanding the needs and goals of the Data Governance program itself.

There are 3rd party companies who can provide services to help an enterprise build a Data Governance software. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • DATA QUALITY WORKSHOP – this is a form of immersion wherein a team of 3rd party data governance analysts and developers visit an enterprise and monitor how data is managed. They will observe and check for processes that can be best handled by implementing software.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING SERVICES – because of the complexity of data within an organization, there is a need to employ 3rd party companies to help an enterprise formulate ideas and solutions  to guarantee a flawless execution of a Data Governance software
  • DATA GOVERNANCE PLANNING – aids in identifying areas that needs to be improved. Every part needs to be accurate in order for the whole system to be deemed as credible.

Data Governance systems can get down into the nitty-gritty of an enterprise. It involves a lot of risks, it calls for a lot of improvements, and it needs a stable structure for it to work. Data Governance software can only do so much. Software can only do half the job. At the end of the day, it is the people behind the Data Governance team that really matters.

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