Get into the Corporate Newsletter or Magazine

One thing that I’ve always advised people to do when starting an enterprise wide program is to get into the corporate newsletter, magazine, weekly update, or whatever communication device your organization uses.

It is generally pretty easy to get in as the communications department is always looking for good content to fill out their publication. What I do is just check who the newsletter is coming from and shoot an email over to them letting them know you are trying to spread the word about your new Data Governance Program that is going to “greatly improve the quality and value of the data at [insert your company name here].” They are usually more than happy to include your program in the next communication. Read on for how to frame your story for best impact…

You can get your message across in a couple of ways… You could do a Q&A where you write the questions and the answers. Remember good journalism here and cover the Who, What, When, Where, and Why first. You could also do a FAQ, or display a ‘rollout plan’ on how the program will be affecting different groups and at what points in time. The most important thing, though, is to get the value of the program across so that readers are interested in the program, not scared of the additional ‘overhead’. Be cognizant of this and frame your story around the value.

In doing this, you are ensuring that your message is spread company wide, and from the bottom up. People will recognize Data Governance as a program, and don’t be surprised if people come to you for data related issues that they’ve been aware of for years!

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