Data Governance Article Roundup – Sept 21st

Here are a few articles to expand your data horizon…

Governance Portal
This is a pretty good article in DMReview about the beginning stages of data governance. It states that, “data quality is the first step towards a proactive data governance initiative”. Its a very timely post, as I’m headed to the Information and Data Quality conference next week, and it gives a nice perspective to judge the various venders that will certainly be presenting their wares.

What’s exciting about LogLogic?
This short article from Philip Howard reviews LogLogic, a product that enables you to bring all of your log data into a single place for analysis. Phillip acknowledges that logs are a snoozefest, but what LogLogic does certainly seems valuable. He touches on data governance at the end, mentioning that the output of LogLogic analysis will help in the data governance program.

The Impact of Data Governance on M&A
Phillip really cranked out the articles for IT-Director this week… In this writeup he makes the case that if a company wants to be acquired, “then it would be a good idea to have good data governance in place.” Likewise, if you are looking to aqcuire companies, it would be very wise of you to look for companies that have good data governance in place. This is really an interesting read…