New Design, Your Participation, and Links

New Design

You’ve probably noticed by now that we switched up the site design earlier this week. We’ve gone with a cleaner look so that the focus is clearly on the content. We’ve also added some space in the sidebar to your right for advertisers. The vision for The Data Governance Blog is to grow into a valuable resource for data management professionals. That means our content will encompass learning about best practices, past experiences, industry events, vendors, and products.

Your Participation

“Build your resume by being a Guest Contributor”

As part of our vision, we’re reaching out to you to help us grow. Would you like to be a guest contributor? Your writeups don’t have to be long or involved like traditional journals and magazines. We’re all about quick hitting information here. If you have a good tip or a past experience (good or bad) that you learned from, please contribute! Or, if you read an article recently and you have some comments on it, please share! All you have to do to contribute is shoot me an email.

Recent Data Management News

Developing a Successful Master Data Management RFP–Steps to Avoid
And includes a very helpful list of “Ten Costly RFP Mistakes to Avoid ”

Co-Operators, BMO, bank on Big Blue software
This covers IBM’s new product and some of the business needs for Customer Data Inegration (CDI).

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