Data Governance Resources for the week

Every few weeks I put together a list together for you of all of the resources that I’ve gathered on the latest happenings and discussions going on in the Data Governance and Management industry. Please use these resources to expand your knowledge and feel free to email in or leave a comment with any other articles that you’ve come across that may be of value. Also, don’t forget to check out the Data Governance resources page.

Data Governance and the Holy Grail
This is a nice article on how Data Governance is helping the business better connect with IT, and vise-versa. The ‘holy grail’ in this case is the idea that the business and IT and working so closely together that the business needs are always met by the IT solutions. Last I checked we hadn’t found the holy grail, but Data Governance has certainly helped build a better bridge between the two groups.

Data Governance Training Webinar
Take advantage of this one because its free… Just click on that link, then click “Award-Winning UMB Bank Success Secret: High Quality Customer Data” at the top. I listened to it again the other day and I am really impressed by what UMB was able to do in just a short amount of time. There are lots of great tips and advice that you can apply to your organization today.

The Importance of Being Encrypted
This article is focused on encryption, but mentions in the last paragraph the importance of a Data Governance plan. In my experience, Compliance has always been responsible for the data security policy (in conjunction with the Data Management team) but this article seems to state that it should be the responsibility of the Data Governance council. I tend to disagree, but its good to know what thoughts are out there.

DataFlux Event
If you are interested in an upcoming DataFlux event, you’ll want to check out this link. Its only about 2 weeks away, but if you are close to Orlando, FL you should definitely consider heading over there.

Data Governance Opinion article at ComputerWorld
This article deals with storage and compliance issues, the current state of data management, and what a long term solution might be.

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