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I posted the Data Governance whitepaper link yesterday thinking that it would be something particularly helpful for data governance practitioners. The press release had just came across my desk and I posted it so that everyone could read it at the same time I did. Little did I know that it was more of a sales document for DataFlux Version 8 – my apologies. I did promise that I would read it and then post my thoughts, here they are: I think if you are looking for a Data Quality product to round out your Data Governance program, this is probably a good read for you. If you aren’t looking for a Data Quality tool, the first page or two are still pretty valuable by way of defining Data Governance and the need for it pretty clearly – you can discard the rest.

So, because I was really looking for something of high-value to provide to you, I’ve spent the last hour searching through all of the Data Governance articles I have bookmarked over the months and one really stuck out. Its an easy read and provides a clear description of where Data Governance belongs in an organization and why.

The Data Stewardship Approach to Data Governance” writeup is located at TDAN. Give it a read today and really consider what it is saying. I’ve mentioned that my program is run out of IT, but the council is made up exclusively of business leaders, leveraging IT SMEs when needed. This works for us, and I personally believe that the business needs to always steer the data governance agenda.

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