Trillium Master Data Management (MDM) Webinar

I just received word on this webinar on 3/25 and thought I’d share the link: Trillium MDM Webinar. Just click on ‘enroll’ to the right of the first event.

Feel free to leave comments about it in the comments section, and if you know of any others please post in the comments section as well.

ZERO TO FIVE: A Stepwise Progression for MDM and Data Governance

Dataflux is sponsoring a free Webcast today titled “ZERO TO FIVE: A Stepwise Progression for MDM and Data Governance”. Jill Dyché and Evan Levy will discuss:

  • Why MDM needs to be deconstructed into discrete functional areas
  • Why understanding business requirements means understanding functional requirements
  • Why successful MDM depends on a solid data governance framework

The webcast is Today at 2PM EST. To register, click here.

I also wanted to point out a service that I’ve been working with lately on some new data management projects. Medical Billing Service – Medical Electronic Data-Processing is an industry leader in medical billing services. They state that, “Your practice will benefit from our experienced billing staff and IT experts who utilize top-tier technology to increase billing efficiency”. I’ve found their work to be incredibly efficient, and they have fully embraced the data governance and mdm methodologies.

This is an un-sponsored post.