Your Data Governance Intranet Site

I’m always talking about being visible within your organization. You don’t want Data Governance to be forgotten about, you want it to be an integral part of the business. As such, you should do everything you can to be a champion for Data Governance. One of the things that really worked for me was setting up the Data Governance intranet site. At most organizations its pretty easy to grab some space on your corporate intranet and get going, and thats great. Lots of projects and programs start out with intranet sites that quickly go stale – don’t do that!

You want your intranet site to be updated often with news, minutes, updates, and other relevant and timely information. If you keep your site up-to-date, you can ensure that your audience will return often to stay in-the-loop. Read more…

More on the Data Governance Conference

Here is the agenda from the conference I was telling you about… data governance conference

Some of the standout features in my mind were Michele Koch from Sallie Mae, Bonnie O’Neil from Project Performance, and Chris Bradley with Donna Burbank from IPL and Embarcadero (respectively).

Sea Lions at Pier 39

Michele talked about her experience in starting the Data Governance Program at Sallie Mae. It was interesting to hear her talk about how the she got involved because some execs wants to fix a few data elements. She figured that was a good prototype to start DG, and once everyone liked the progress they were making, she introduced it as DG and proposed it be an ongoing program. Needless to say, they jumped at the chance because of how successful the prototype was. Read more…