Doing More with Less

I got an email after my post on Tuesday about working with your Data Modelers. It was from a guy who works at a mid-size company that runs pretty lean, meaning he doesn’t have much support from the IT staff because they are busy on other projects. He said he didn’t have data modeling tools at his disposal, so how can he track his Data Governance Program for the long-term?

I thought about this for a while. I’m so used to a large corporation where there are lots of tools and resources available (although they aren’t waiting for you to ask them to do something) so I had to think about this one for a bit…. What would I do if I was in his situation?
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Leverage Your Data Modeling Tools and Team

If Data Governance is your program/project to manage, think of the Data Modeling Team and their tools as your foundation. A good Data Governance Program needs to be built atop a top-notch Data Model. Sure, you can have Data Governance without a good data model, it’ll just be a lot harder and a lot more time consuming. See this post on data governance failures for a recent study stating a high percentage of Data Governance programs fail – and my thoughts on that.
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