We are currently expanding and growing our site and are looking for organizations and companies interested in sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Our site is perfect if you are looking to advertise your product, event, webinar, services, and other data related items. Here are some statistics on our readers:

  • Over 300 Email subscribers.  This means that each time we issue a new post, an email is sent to over 300 Data Management practitioners with a teaser that brings them back to the site.
  • We are very highly ranked for popular and competitive search terms, including ‘Data Governance’, ‘Data Governance Conference’, ‘Data Governance Framework’ and many others and receive thousands of pageviews each month from data governance and data management beginners and experts alike.
  • Our subscribers include employees and executives from companies such as Toyota, Wachovia, Merck, Costco, Capital One, Standard & Poors, Lexis Nexis, U.S. Navy, Mutual of Omaha, Wyeth, HP, and many other very large companies and organizations (we know this through the domain names of the email addresses in our subscriber database).

We offer very reasonable advertising rates and opportunities.  We have ad placements in our sidebar, on the header of our site, within the actual blog posts, and we also offer guest blog posts where you can promote you product directly to the readers (as long as it is of relevance and good quality).  Pricing is:

  • Platinum: Sponsored Post:  $500 one time fee
  • Gold: In-post Ad Block:  $250/month
  • Silver: Header banner:  $100/month
  • Bronze: Sidebar block:  $35/month

Each advertiser will be featured in a monthly ‘Sponsors’ post as well under a ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, or ‘Bronze’ heading depending on their ad purchase.

Contact us today to get started!


Contact us today to get started!

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