A Time and a Place for DG

Recurring meetings are a must. If you are a new program, once a week, no questions asked. If you’ve got the ball rolling, everyone is participating and knows their role, every other week works nicely. But no matter what, make sure there is an understanding among your team that they must attend these meetings.

Make it easy on yourself by holding the meeting at the same time of day in the same location. You could have it every Thursday from 10-11AM, or every other Wednesday at 9:30… whatever works best for you. The key here is that you need to make sure people are attending regularly. A really good tip is to…

Track attendance in an excel spreadsheet and have a tally at the bottom that shows you a count of how many attendees you’ve had. If you see that number start to decline, you’ll need to re-engage your audience. Check out this previous post about doing just that.

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