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“IT People are like Forklift Drivers”

One of the key components of data governance is assisting in determining who the data stewards (some say data owners) are for the critical and/or enterprise data. I tend to like the term steward because ‘owner’ implies full-control over the data, but nonetheless, the terms are generally used synonymously.

It is extremely important that the data governance office provides guidance to the business on who the ‘go to person’ is for the different data domains. IT doesn’t own the data, the business does (despite what anyone may tell you!). A great analogy on how “IT People are like Forklift Drivers” is provided here by Michael R. Farnum. He wrote it so clearly that I won’t even bother to elaborate, but rather urge you to check out his blog post.

Master Data Management and Business Intelligence

Data Governance, Master Data Management, and Business Intelligence – these 3 make-up the trifecta of new data management disciplines that are providing better controls, understanding, and knowledge of an organizations data.

I wanted to highlight two sites. The first site I wanted to highlight is the Master Data Management blog. This site looks fairly new, but seems to provide a nice foundation on what Master Data Management is and how you can implement it within your organization. You’ll certainly need more information than what is provided on the site so you may want to check out some of the links they have on the site to other MDM and Data Management sites.

The other site I wanted to highlight is a Business Intelligence Jobs site. It provides a nice overview on how to get a job in any of the Data Management fields. Business Intelligence is hot right now and many organizations are looking to spend money on this worthwhile cause. It may be worth your time to look into business intelligence.

Lastly, don’t forget about our very own Data Governance blog for all of your Data Governance needs!