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More on the Data Governance Conference

Here is the agenda from the conference I was telling you about… data governance conference

Some of the standout features in my mind were Michele Koch from Sallie Mae, Bonnie O’Neil from Project Performance, and Chris Bradley with Donna Burbank from IPL and Embarcadero (respectively).

Sea Lions at Pier 39

Michele talked about her experience in starting the Data Governance Program at Sallie Mae. It was interesting to hear her talk about how the she got involved because some execs wants to fix a few data elements. She figured that was a good prototype to start DG, and once everyone liked the progress they were making, she introduced it as DG and proposed it be an ongoing program. Needless to say, they jumped at the chance because of how successful the prototype was. Read more…

Data Governance Conference – San Francisco, CA

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Its been quite busy the past month or so and I haven’t been able to get on here as much as I’d like. But, rest assured, I’ll be posting more often so check back frequently!

I just returned from the Data Governance Conference in San Francisco, CA. It was a great conference with many great speakers, both consultants and practitioners. One of the keynotes was from Larry English, the man for Data Quality. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out his book: Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality: Methods for Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits. His presentation was both funny and well thought out; appropriately enough, he was the keynote speaker Wednesday evening.
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