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6 Ways to Prevent Stewardship Council Stagnation

  1. Stir up a little controversy or bring up a hot-topic (borrowed from Bonnie O’Neil – her new book is a must have for anyone involved in Data Governance)
  2. Bring in the highest level person you can to a meeting to address the group
  3. Ask for direction on where the group should be headed, be candid
  4. Have 1-on-1 meetings and get their honest thoughts on the group
  5. Solve something or get involved with the latest corporate initiative
  6. Ask yourself, “Why the heck is the council getting stagnant?” Then answer the question. Then act upon it.

Getting Executive Buy-in (and keeping it)

This can be a tough one, and there is no one guaranteed way to succeed at this, but there are a number of techniques you can use that will help.

Getting Executive Buy-in

  1. Get a quick win
  2. Fix a Pain point
  3. Demonstrate the value using metrics (ie. if this field were 88% accurate instead of 87% accurate, when used in a marketing campaign we could expect a return $315,000 more in sales)
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