Have an IT Data Governance Kick-off meeting

In my post “Tips for your Data Governance Kick-off meeting” I mention not bringing to many IT people into the room. The reasoning behind this is that you want the business to drive the direction of your data governance program. Sure, IT can provide guidance, support, and their perspective… but ultimately, the business needs to determine what needs ‘governing’ and when. But, that doesn’t mean you should keep IT in the dark until the business figures out what they want. On the contrary, you should be pro-active and have an IT Data Governance Kick-off meeting.

This meeting should be set up a few days after your business kick-off meeting, and serve to enlighten the IT SME’s from all system in all parts of IT about the DG process and what is going on. Just like how you found your Business stewards by asking the chief data steward, you should also ask an IT leader for help in determining who should attend the DG kick-off meeting. Most likely it will be those SME’s who will be impacted (read: those SME’s who support the major systems).

A sample agenda could be:

  • What is Data Governance
  • What will it do for Sallie Mae
  • What the business is working on
  • How IT fits into the DG Program
  • Next Steps

Even though they won’t be involved immediately, let them know that they can read meeting minutes on the DG intranet site, and they are welcome to followup with you to find out the status of the program.

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